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“The world is no more what it used to be, it is ready to change again.”


A new beautiful world is opening it’s doors. It is just around the corner and I am sure you can feel it.

Some of you are positive with great visions of the future while most of humanity is skeptical and worried about the new world.

Humanity fears of a new world order which might bring complete control of the human race by the governments.

Economist fear of a global economic melt-down which may leave billions broke and enslaved.

Scientist fear of global catastrophes engulfing the world due to global warming. Mass extinctions, unbearable pollution levels and deadly pandemics with the power to wipe out entire nations.

Human resource and technologist foresee robots and artificial intelligence replacing most of humanity.

And to top it all, the sword of nuclear and biological war hangs on our very existence.

The feeling that the ‘end is here the end is near’, is echoing around the world.

Science and religion, movies and media, all are requesting humanity to wake up, to wake up before it is too late!

But we! We are busy, busy with our ever struggling mice like lives. Too busy in our own little agendas of survival and success.

Forgetting what an ideal human life could be or should be. Forgetting our role in the larger whole. Forgetting the future of our children and the generations to come.

We have ignored our duties towards the society and our rights as citizens. We have ignored the sufferings of our fellow beings and spent our lives in oblivion.

But not now, not this generation, not this generation at-least.

This generation is the smartest, wisest and the most well connected generation to have ever lived on the face of Earth.

Today, from the palm of our hands we can connect with millions, earn billions, vote, discuss, deliberate on professional topics, interact with our governments and flood the internet with news and ideas.

For the first time in history we have the technology, the will and the right understanding to build new global systems of governance, economics and knowledge.

Now humanity is ready to be unified into a decentralized one world decision making body which thinks, acts and feels in unison.

Manu Hashgraph
Image by https://pluteski.github.io/

Using blockchain and hashgraph distributed ledger technology which have solved the problem of consensus through voting and gossip algorithms.

The day is not far when these decentralized technologies will be used to integrate humanity into a Co-value global ecosystem based on the core, common, collective and coexisting human values.

Co-value ecosystem will open the doors for a new world.

A world where countries are one, god is one, families are one, neighbors, societies, colors and races are all one large mutually uplifting sensible human society.

So, my dear friends, come let us discuss and build this new world together consciously this time!

Let’s be friends?

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